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face mask
Product Name: Compress Facial Mask
Place of Origin: China

Adopt a long-term whitening effect of vitamin C-lasting Combo AAG sugar as the main ingredients, Hydrolysis with rice bran cream and hydrophilic moisturizing factor, high-osmosis system and particulate emulsion technology, Let whitening ingredients and the moist ingredients are completely absorbed from the skin's basal layer and actively downplay melanoma. So long has pale skin shined real whitening. 12 Cutting innovation, service film easily affixed to various faces, even the mouth, alary and other small-prone areas of the appearance of fine lines can take care of that incite achieve perfect results.

  1. Rich in plant essence that can tighten the skin, smoothen wrinkles and restore elasticity
  2. The crystal whitening elements can whiten the skin, and remove wrinkle
  3. Restore sallow skin to bright and white status
Product Usages
  • After facial cleansing, unpack the product and extend the mask
  • Apply it on the face, start from the centre of face toward the end
  • leave it there for 15 minutes
  • remove the liquor with cosmetic cotton, handkerchief or wet towel
  • Discard the used mask

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